Timeless Souls


Title: Timeless Souls
Author: Rainey Moon
Publisher: Ash Phoenix Press

Timeless Souls is a book of breathtaking, captivating poetry sure to touch the spirits of all who read. It includes subjects such as love, death, dying, fear, angels and friendship while touching on aspects both light and dark in nature. Though at times dark in mood, Moon has gathered her words from everyday life experiences. She explores topics many would dare to trespass upon so freely and vividly such as suicide, drug addiction, abuse and psychosis. While exploring both the good and evil sides of life, Timeless Souls holds no bars on expression, emotion and artistry.

The poems captivate and entrap you in a world of imagination as well as driving you to face the realities of life. The form and beauty of each poem doesn't leave the reader with an array of question marks afloat instead each is encouraged and able to relate and find understanding in some fashion. The book appeals to all readers as there is a delicate mix of subject matter to give the book character and grit. The poetry not only appeals to the happiness and sunshine enthusiasts but to those who crave a darker element in their reading as well. Timeless Souls is a great collection to share as inspiration or to aid others in the more trying times of their lives.