We are currently not taking any submissions. We will be taking on new authors as we grow. Please continue to look around our site and to check back often to see if we are accepting manuscripts.

When we do accept submissions, please query first before submitting your manuscript. If we choose to accept your manuscript after reading your query we will ask that you use the following guidelines when submitting your manuscript:

* Put contact information in upper left corner of title page.
* Include word count on upper right side of title page.
* Include name, part of title and page number in header.
   (ie: Tallman/The All-Soul's Faire) * Start your writing about    one-third the way down on the title page.
* Chapter letters should be in all caps.
* Indent paragraphs five spaces.
* Preferred font is 12-pt Courier, although we like the 12-pt dark    courier found on the HP Website. Download - Dark Courier Font
* All margins should be atleast one inch.
* Do not justify type.
* Do not bind or staple the manuscript.