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Upcoming novels coming soon from Ash Phoenix Books

Coming up in 2011 are several books from our authors. Expect more dark stories to be told and thrilling adventures into your psyche. Books for your soul, mind, breath, and life.


Title: Widow's Blood
Author: Kristy Tallman
Genre: Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Paranormal

When a Passamaquoddy warriorís wife is dropped in the Passamaquoddy Bay alive but plagued with small pox by the Frenchmenís occupation of their lands, the Passamaquoddy Bay soon becomes referred to by fishermen who fish the rich waters as the Bay of the dead. Two Feathers seeks refuge and revenge through the tribes Medicine Man, Glooscap. Glooscap will forever change Two Feathers into Malsum; a dark wolf who feeds on the blood of humans. Malsum seeks to find the one woman who carries the blood of the Passamaquoddy strong in her veins so he can resurrect his lost wife who lays at the bottom of the haunted bay.

Catherine; the widow of a greedy Englishman in the Puritan settlement called Pleasant Point on the coastline of Maine, loses her husband because he didnít heed the warnings not to leave the Bay of the Dead before the fog sets in. Unmoved by his death she spends her days in the beautiful home he built for her on the craggy rugged peak that lets her watch over the place that stole her husband with a sense of satisfaction. Catherine being part Passamaquoddy and part Irish can feel the blood of her ancestors boiling through her veins and on some nights when the wind is just right she can hear the cries of her ancestors who were buried at the bottom of the sea so many decades ago.

Patrick, an Irish fisherman meets Catherine at the market when she haggles with him over the cost of his fish. Her piercing green eyes draw him in and Patrick becomes smitten with her immediately; only Catherine wants no parts of his wooing and tries diligently to ward off his advances. Patrick changes his fishing habits to the point where he can call on her until he manages a way to live with her in the loft of her barn while heís in port. Once there; Patrick finds out Catherine has some deep dark secrets she isnít willing to share, but Patrick watching her fading into the darkness canít stop himself from getting to the truth before the townís women who already see her as a harlot, could wrongly begin to accuse her of being a witch.


Title: Hell's Hollow
Author: Kristy Tallman
Genre: Psychological Thriller, Sequel to The All-Soul's Faire

If you thought Cecil was one hellacious character wait until you get to know Ms. Ryder a bit better. The long awaited sequel to The All-Soulís Faire, the first book in what became the Tales of North Mountain Series, is coming to you in November with a vengeance--Ms. Ryderís to be exact. Cecilís pact was just the tip of the iceberg--Coleís love child born from the depths of hell will surely change the lives of those who live in the shadow of North Mountain and its reach could go well beyond unless someone stops the fury of the fire in that centuries old recipe. Be weary of its euphoric properties and read further only if you think you can overcome its grasp! (Book 2 in the Haunts in the Hollow Series)

Ah my precious children gather round, thereís a story to be told by the warm-hearted precious old soul of Ms. Ryder. Sheís now two children to save, the son and daughter of Satan. Will they rise and do the bidding of their fathers or will Ms. Ryder rescue their damned souls?

Cole has found his place among those who fell from grace and now he pays the piper at the All-Soulís Faire with his companion Lizzy who always craves more. Sam joins them, blind now, still he revels in the dance of the dead. Jackson promises to pursue the mystery of Coleís disappearance even if it means he has to spend the rest of eternity doing so. Cecilís debt repaid--or was it--will Satan let lose of Cecilís wicked soul?

Grab your flask and stay tuned as the story ferments into the sweet, sweet nectar your soul craves--"Just one more sip and the feeling will pass"-- Hold up now your flasks that never draw empty, ready yourself for the tale of the century-- will this be the the tale Revelations told or will Ms. Ryder stop the inevitable as she raises her ill-gotten children in the shadow of North Mountain in hopes of saving their souls?

See what lays through the doors on the other side of hell-- the place where went your heartbeats as you read The All-Soulís Faire "come now gather round--thereís more to be told"..the fire grows strong--the feast awaits--the celebration continues and I heard your pleas when you kept telling me..I want some more!