Crows on the Cross


Title: Crows on the Cross
Author: Kristy Tallman
Edition: Paperback - ISBN: 978-0-9842266-3-4
Publisher: Ash Phoenix Books

Author Kristy Tallman with contributing author James M. Lee bring us a new psychological thriller.

Franz Kafka, in his Letter to Oskar Pollak, said, "I think we ought to read only the kind of books that wound and stab us...We need the books that affect us like a disaster, that grieve us deeply, like the death of someone we loved more than ourselves, like being banished into forests far from everyone, like a suicide. A book must be the axe for the frozen sea inside us." Crows on the Cross has been deemed such a book.

Drew and Rainey, two rebels with a cause wake up a thousand miles apart disturbed by a past that won't rest. Both abused as children by more than just predators of the skin, their very faith in the person who should save them is shot to hell. Now the two of them are speeding toward each other down hell's highway in Rainey's mysterious '69 Caddie, Baby who seemingly awakens the ghosts of their past. Revelations, unfold as the miles click down steering each of them toward the other but not without paying heed to the monsters who destroyed both their lives.

Praise for Crows on the Cross

Warning - Not for the faint of heart - true horror fans only!,

Crows on the Cross is Kristy Tallman's second novel. The story starts with two lovers who are in a car crash together. When they wake up they are each alone. Rainey is in Virginia and Drew is in Florida. The states represent where Rainey and Drew's personal hell began in the days of their youth.

When Rainey wakes up in her pristine 1969 Cadillac, she can't remember how it is she got home, let alone where she has been, or why the car and her clothes smell of smoke. All she does know for certain is that her and her lover Drew had a fight - but over what? Not even she knows why, but unable to find him Rainey's drawn by the disparate need to head south. Without knowing where he is she heads to the only place she knows he might be - in Florida.

Drew is first introduced waking up in Miami, Florida in Rainey's beloved 69 Cadillac staring hard into his childhood church. Why? Only able to remember the horrible accident that took Rainey away from him he's left to wonder how he ended up back in Florida and how he's driving around in a car that wrapped around a tree. Nothing makes sense - who's the shadowy man at the church and how is he going to endure his life after losing Rainey? The stranger at the church sends Drew reeling back in time - the nightmare of his childhood comes slamming back into his memory after all these years of keeping it hidden. Filled with anger and a broken heart he decides he's got to get the hell out of Florida. He's on a mission to Virginia to return the caddie back to Rainey's mother or so he tells himself.

Both Rainey and Drew suffer flash backs into their childhood, where each of them has had to endure the worst kind of evil that can be inflicted upon a helpless child. This novel will send you on a roller coaster ride of emotional trauma, you'll scream in anger one moment then feel like crying the next as you ride with the characters Tallman has created in a car that isn't just any car. The demons she creates in this book are too real, so real it will change the way you look at the common passerby every time you walk out your front door.

Kristy Tallman has done it again! Her ability to turn the pages of a novel into a real to life psychological hell for the reader by showing you that the genuine horror in this world is our very own human race has again been accomplished with an encore for more. Tallman has definitely surpassed the expectations I held after reading "The All-Souls Faire". She managed to shock me to the core and horrify me like no other author has in a long time! Excellent! 5-Stars

Real Life Monsters

The most frightening thing in the human race is that we 'produce' the worse monsters, demons, evil, vile creatures outside of our imaginations. That's what makes Crows on the Cross such a compelling read. Imagine how sick and twisted a human has to be to become a demon?

This is a book that shows that both men and women are susceptible to the real-life monsters that live and breathe all around us. In a red '69 Caddy, you'll ride right along side them and delve right into their pasts, becoming white knuckled by the end wanting to destroy their demons for them.

-Lauren Ferrell, Author