The All-Soul's Faire


Title: The All-Souls Faire
Author: Kristy Tallman
Edition: Paperback - ISBN: 978-0-9842266-2-7
Publisher: Ash Phoenix Books

Author Kristy Tallman released her first full-length novel titled The All-Souls Faire in 2006.

A goat's head staring back at Detective Cole Bryant from within the bowels of his latest victim sets forth a string of unnatural deaths among the teenagers that live in the shadow of the cursed North Mountain. Trying to solve the case only brings Cole closer to dark side where temptation, sex and sinful ways lure him into the world of a family whose backwoods morals aren't simply a symptom of a forgotten age in time but the consequence of a centuries old pact made with the devil himself.

Praise for The All-Soul's Faire

With both subtlety and sheer force, this book seduced me.... Malcolm Deeley ~ Author of Canons of Atheist Gods - October, 2006

She exhibits the talents of a young writer with a heart driven to make you afraid... Nicholas Grabowsky, Horror Fiction Author

Kristy Tallman is the next Clive Barker! -J. Pinkerton, Blood Banquet Studios (Indie production house specializing in horror, cult, and b-movies)

Don't wait to buy this book, read it, share its charm with your friends and help them find their way to the all souls fair...The story is so compelling and disturbing that you will find yourselves reading it over and over again.. even now as I sit here writing this I glance over at the book and want to open it again, just one more sip will do and everything will be fine.. L.A. Nantz A Reader from Michigan

For all you freaky horror fanatics, The All-Soul's Faire is a must!!... Nicole Wronek Author of Decaying Roots

Only truly demented authors can write stories that go beyond simply losing ones inhibitions, to completely succumbing to their inner sinful dark side . . Rowan Lore, Contemporary Fiction, Author of Fall On Me & Orange

One hell (just about literally) of a tale.... Issy Paradox - Reader in Lititz, PA

This book is a classic back woods folk tale that will keep this city boy from straying too far into them mountains... Steve - Reader - Richmond, VA

Once I started there was no way I could put it down. I cant wait to read your next book. I hope you make this into a series. I think you left just enough loose ends that you could have a couple more books. Thanks again for talking, and for a wonderful book. By the way, you were right. Chapter 28, very hot.... Joseph Sparks, Reader - Covington Area - VA

I read the whole thing in 1 day. I could not put it down. I was really surprised at the end. I liked they way you ended the book and it was not a flowers and sunshine happy ending. I enjoyed the fact that you showed that given the chance sometimes people do bad things and let desire get in the way of morals. I can not wait to read your next novel!!..... Abby - Reader - Covington Area - VA