Kristy Tallman


Psychological Thriller, Horror and Suspense Author

Psychological Thriller/Horror Fiction Author, Kristy Tallman, is a Chester, Virginia based writer whose work is not your usual run of the mill horror. Tallman is determined to bring you the truest most horrific monsters who walk this earth born of your very own loins - humans both male and female. Psychologically you will not only be enthralled by the train crash you watch unfold but worse you will be left scarred from the deepest wounds a human can endure - truths. Wicked, devious, haunting deeds will keep you turning the pages in spite of your desires to walk away. You can't because the horror is that horrifying.

Her family origins are steeped in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia, West Virginia and Kentucky. She has spent most of her life visiting the tales and learning the wisdom these great mountains and it's inhabitants possess as she visited family and lived a portion of her life there within the shadow of their mystifying allure. It is from this she brings to you the art of storytelling - passed down through the generations of her family with each member adding to her talents to keep you mesmerized as she weaves her tales of terror.

Tallman has captivated awards and audiences throughout her life for her writing, her photography and her artistry. She has received recognition as a songwriter by VH1's sponsored Save the Music Foundation for two years running. Not only has she authored two published books of poetry under the pen name Rainey Moon, but she also has written professionally as a staff reporter for local newspapers. She has been the Associate Editor of a tri-city newspaper and has also been Editor in Chief of an online e-zine, which encompassed the arts, music, and literature. She has held national publication as an equine photographer and has carried this through professionally in the publishing industry as well.

Tallman's debut novel, The All-Soul's Faire, has received international acclaim, been nominated for prestigious awards and the reviews prove her work is a storm brewing on the horizon of great authors. Her writing has been compared to some of the top players in her league including Clive Barker, Dean Koontz, Thomas Harris, Clive Cussler, H.P. Lovecraft and Alfred Hitchcock at his best. Praised by her peers, critics, and her readers, Tallman continues to climb on the best sellers lists locally and nationally being in the top 100 New Releases by Barnes & Nobles and the top 50 Best Sellers locally even after a year of old Cecil's Hicks first appearance. Tallman's endeavors go further than just writing, she is also a regional representative of the International Order of Horror Professionals and a portion of her proceeds of sales of The All-Soul's Faire are donated to the Blue Knights - a motorcycle club made up of retired and active police officers who are true unsung heroes in the lives of the people who they assist in times of need. Tallman was also a part of the Nox Anthology which is a collection of dark poets against abuse - for each book sold it's entire proceeds go directly to a safe haven for battered women.

Tallman the mother of three has chosen to dedicate herself full time as an author intent on scaring the hell out of her readers. "You'll either love me or hate me after reading my books, but I promise you - you will beg for more!"