How Ash Phoenix Books came to be:

Ashlie Stell Ash Phoenix was originally created by Malcolm Deeley. Malcolm stated in a press release on November 14th, 2006: "Gromagon Press is proud to announce the creation of a new division label, Ash Phoenix Books. This division of Gromagon Press is dedicated to the memory of Ashlie Stell, who died on November 28th, 2005, in a car accident on the way to Thomas Dale High School in Virginia. Ashlie's mother, author Kristy Tallman (who has also published under the pseudonym Rainey Moon), has been an active and outspoken voice in support of literacy, and for women and children seeking to work free from abusive home environments. She participated in the Gromagon Press benefit anthology Nox: Dark Poets Against Abuse. Her first novel, The All-Soul's Faire, was released in October 2006 to considerable critical acclaim. Ash Phoenix Books honors her daughter's memory, by giving an unusual level of support to poets in the beginning years of their careers."

Malcolm Deeley had to bring a close to APB, but instead of letting the dream fade, Kristy Tallman suggested passing the division over to her and myself, as our new publishing name. Malcolm agreed and we couldn't be more honored to bring this imprint to our company. We will continue with Malcolms vision and place his words in every book printed by the Ash Phoenix imprint.
-Lauren Ferrell, Publisher

"Ash Phoenix Books are dedicated to the memory of Ashlie Stell, a young artist who died in November 2005. Had her early death not deprived us, her gifted hand and fiery spirit would have brought the world rich creations, which we will dream of in wonder, never forgetting."